Porch blinds, everything you need to know

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The porch is one of the best parts of any home, and it’s where many households spend a lot of their time to kick back and relax.

Porches extend your living space by just a few square feet, but it makes a huge difference to the atmosphere in your space.

Almost everyone loves to retire to their porch, sometimes with a book, smartphone or drink. But there’s one drawback that comes with a porch: many are open when you don’t want them to be.

If you would like to enjoy your front porch and close it off a little from outside elements (or just have some more privacy), install porch blinds.

Porch blinds and shutters can bring a whole new warmth to your porch. When you’d like some privacy from rain, sun or people passing by, just draw your porch blinds.

Most porch blind types you’ll find are easy to install. We’ll admit that some porch blinds are more difficult to get up (and for your ease, we chose not to feature those!).

Porch blinds are also an affordable way to change up your space, and they are made to be longlasting and durable.

  • Wind getting in the way?
  • Sun getting in your eyes?
  • Rain getting closer?

That’s what porch blinds are for.

Here’s your ultimate guide to porch blinds, how to use them best for your space and which porch blinds & shutters are currently the top five on Amazon.

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Privacy & Porch Blinds

A porch can be one of the most enjoyable areas in the entire house. The porch gets you close to nature, and somewhat away from the busier atmosphere of your house itself.

Porches are made to relax and sit back, whether it’s morning, afternoon or the middle of the day when you do.

Privacy is one of the first concerns for people with a wide open porch. Weather, if you wonder about this, is the second most common porch-related concern.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to sit on their porch just to be bombarded by sunlight, wind – or a conversation they didn’t want to start in their off time!

Porch blinds are an easy way to close your porch off from weather. At the same time, you can close your blinds whenever you would rather prefer to be in your own space

A porch is meant to be enjoyed, and the addition of porch blinds or shutters can bring in a lot of potential.

Why Porch Blinds Are The Perfect Solution

Whether we’re talking about weather or privacy, porch blinds are a cheap and easy way to secure your porch from view and wind or rain.

There are more reasons why you should choose porch blinds if you don’t have them up already.

Blinds are durable, and can protect the inside of your porch from weather damage.

It’s not just the privacy aspect that makes porch blinds and shutters great to install. Blinds also add a level of protection to your porch.

Sure, your neighbors might have gotten a contractor to close up their porch… But while they could have paid thousands, you can achieve the same thing with just a few hundred dollars and an hour.

Porch screens and blinds are an impressive way to close up a porch – and you don’t have to hike your budget sky-high to get a proper set of porch blinds.

The Best Roller Blinds, Shades & Shutters For the Porch

When you buy porch blinds, it’s very important to make sure that you buy quality products.

Cheap porch blinds are made from material like plastic, and they are not meant to be very strong. If you buy cheap, you will have to replace your porch blinds when they are damaged – which, the cheaper you buy, could be soon.

Quality blinds are made from quality materials. Decent porch blinds or shutters should be able to withstand wind and weather, and last for a long time. The best quality blinds on the market are ones that offer both sun protection and privacy.

We prefer the type of blinds for your porch that are easy to install and won’t take up an entire day’s worth of your time.

Instead of going straight to your local hardware store for blinds, check out what Amazon has to offer first. Amazon has a larger selection of high-quality products – and you can find what you need faster than driving out to a store to buy it.

It’s a good idea to measure the blinds you want to buy against the measurements you have for your porch before you make that final purchase.

Measure once, return never: if not, you might have to use Amazon’s return policy to find blinds that fit.

Next, let’s show you some of the top 5 blinds that Amazon has to sell.

The 5 Best Rated Porch Blinds On Amazon

COARBOR Outdoor Roll up Shades Blinds for Porch Patio Shade Exterior Roller Shade Privacy Shade Screen for Deck Pergola Gazebo Grey 5’W x 6’H

The COARBOR exterior porch shades is the current Amazon #1 in the porch blinds and shutters category.

With almost a full 5 star review from thousands of users, this brand of porch shade is guaranteed to be only of the best quality.

These great outdoor blinds were made for patio use. This makes them a lot more durable than cheaper blinds of the same approximate type.

The COARBOR blinds are easy to install, and secure against the wall with minimal changes.

The COARBOR porch blinds are also easy to use, with clear instructions for how to put it up without any tangles or trouble.

This doesn’t make them perfect, even though they are ranked #1 in porch blinds right now.

One common drawback of these blind types is that they need to be weighted down for wind. (If you need to know how, check the FAQ after these reviews.)

E&K Sunrise Outdoor Roller Blinds Shades Roll up Down Shade Screen for Porch Patio Deck Backyard Pergola 5’W x 6’H Hollow Out Brown

The E&K Sunrise Outdoor Roller Blinds currently rank as the Amazon #2 spot in blinds and shutters.

The total rating for this item is 4.1 out of 5 stars, with most reviews saying that the E&K Sunrise is one of the best porch blind types that you can buy.

The E&K Sunrise shutters are as easy to install as they can be, with all you will need to do it already included with your purchase.

These are certainly far more durable than the average cheaper, plastic shutters that some people choose to install.

Choose better, and think about E&K Sunrise as your next porch blind choice.

Patio Paradise Exterior Outdoor Roll up Shades Blinds Roller Shade for Porch Deck Balcony Pergola Carport Light Filtering 6’Wx6’H Striped Hollow Out Light Grey

The Patio Paradise Exterior Blinds ranks as the #3 competitor in the Amazon porch blinds and shutters category.

The total rating for these great exterior blinds is 4.2 out of 5, with most reviews mentioning how easy these are to install.

One more great benefit of the Patio Paradise patio blinds is that, even when open, they have the ability to block some of the most harmful rays of the sun.

Patio Paradise is also a pretty well known brand in the balcony blind space. When you buy these, you know it’s a quality manufacturer with good products.

DearHouse Balcony Privacy Screen Cover, 3.5ft x16.5ft Privacy Screen Balcony Shield for Porch Deck Outdoor Backyard Patio Balconys, Includes 35 pc Cable Ties

The DearHouse Balcony Shield is currently ranked as the #4 option you can choose to turn your open porch into a closed space.

They rank 4.4 out of 5 stars, with most reviews saying that these are great blinds to close up an airy, colder space.

While this isn’t your traditional type of shutter or blind, this balcony shield can protect you from both harmful UV rays and weather.

Install these, and you can do what you enjoy most: enjoy the comfort of your own porch.

Natural Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind Roman Sun Shade WB-48N1 (W32 X H72)

The Naural Bamboo Roll up Window is a simple soultion to closing up your porch, and right now it’s ranked as the Amazon #5 in the porch blinds and shutters category.

The total ranking gives it 4.3 out of 5 stars, with reviews focusing on how easy these are to install – and how great they are to use.

Bamboo roll-up shutters provide a natural look that isn’t fit for everyone, but that many people consider absolutely perfect.

All that you will need to install these are included right with your order, and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Bamboo blinds for the porch adds a great natural look, while still being one of the most durable materials you can add to your home.

Front Porch Blinds FAQ

If you have never installed porch blinds before now (or your last installation was a total disaster), we figured you could use one more section – and that’s this FAQ.

Here’s what more to know about porch blinds and outdoor shutters before you install them near your porch.

How do you use porch blinds?

Porch blinds are easy to use once they have been installed.

Most types have something like a cord that needs to be pulled in order to bring blinds up or down.

The varieties that don’t, simply pull down to close and go back up to open.

Do porch blinds reduce heat?

Sometimes, yes. Porches can get a lot of full sun.

When you install porch blinds, especially UV protective types, some of the harshest light and heat are blocked off.

When it’s colder outside, though, porch blinds can also help to keep heat in. This is why it’s great to relax on a closed porch even in colder weather.

Are porch blinds durable?

Porch blinds, at least most of them, are durable and can last for decades.

If you take care of your porch blinds and clean them often, you can keep them around for a long time.

Some types are more durable than others, and that’s why we recommend that you buy yours from the Amazon top 5.

Are porch blinds difficult to install?

Most of them are not.

The most average type of porch blinds will just secure with a few screws, which are easy enough to manage for most people.

Rarely, some porch blind types require more fastening. (Luckily, none of those on the Amazon top 5 are difficult to install – and you can do it with just a few screws and cable ties.

Can I still install porch blinds if I rent my space?

Sometimes, though not always.

If you rent your space and don’t own your home, it’s best to check your lease agreement. Most lease contracts have a section that tells you which modifications you are allowed to make.

If you are not sure about blinds and rentals, check with your landlord first and make sure that you have their approval.

Are there different types of porch blinds?

Yes, and the good news is that Amazon’s top 5 has most of the different types covered.

What are the best porch blinds?

Well, we would recommend the Amazon top 5 in the porch blinds and shutters category!

The best porch blinds are high-quality, and they are made to be durable.

How do you weight down porch blinds?

The wind can be problematic for porch blinds, and can cause damage that you don’t need (or make your blinds swing around all day and night).

The wind can be problematic for porch blinds, and can cause damage that you don’t need (or make your blinds swing around all day and night).

The wind can be problematic for porch blinds, and can cause damage that you don’t need (or make your blinds swing around all day and night).

Chain links are easy to hook to porch blinds or shutters, and provide enough weight for the wind to never move them around.

Conclusion: The Big Blind

Porch blinds and shutters can be one of the best solutions to close up your porch – and when you’d like to let the light back in, just open up.

Want to enjoy your porch more? Porch blinds could be the answer.