How to keep birds off porch?

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“How to keep birds off your porch” is one of the most common questions that people ask in areas that are densely populated with avian life. Birds are wonderful and have their place in nature, but there are drawbacks to living in an area that has a lot of active bird life.

Birds, especially ones like pigeons and woodpeckers, flock to porches. Seagulls are another common bird type that can become a problem if you live near (or in) a coastal town.

If you allow birds to make themselves at home on your porch, you might have your house look like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” before you know it.

The majority of birds are okay passing through, but nesting (and visiting) birds can become a problem for home-owners. Birds can easily turn into a problem, especially if you have several bird types attempting to nest on your front porch at the same time.

Some birds can also leave more of a mess on the outside of the house than people are willing to clean up. Have you ever woken up to everything on the outside of your house covered in bird poop? For some people, this is a reality that they are tired of dealing with.

If you want to keep birds off your front porch, there are several great bird repellents that can stop birds from nesting on your porch – or landing to make a mess where it’s not welcome. Bird repellents are usually harmless to birds, but act as a type of “scarecrow” that can discourage them from landing or nesting in an area that you would like to keep private.

Common pigeons are so plentiful in some areas that they are classified as pests. While one wouldn’t think of pigeons as a problem, they can become one if they keep flocking to the same spot and leaving a mess behind when they move on.

If you would like to be sure that the most common problem birds don’t nest or land on your porch, read this ultimate guide to bird repellents.

The rest of this article should tell you everything you would like to know about keeping birds away from your front porch, and we’ll walk you through the best 5 products you can buy on Amazon under the ‘bird repellent’ category.

Here’s what to know about how to keep common birds like pigeons and woodpeckers from landing or nesting on your porch.

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How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch

Birds are everywhere, but they can quickly become a problem when bird species start to nest in places that are in the way, or when they flock back and forth to your porch just to leave a mess behind.

Pigeons and woodpeckers are the most common bird species that you will find in residential areas – and everyone knows how much of a nightmare it is to find that your entire wall (or floor) has been left a disaster.

If you want to scare birds away from your porch or garden, the recommend way is bird deterrents.

Bird deterrents are harmless to birds, but will discourage the most common bird types from making themselves at home where you don’t want them to be,

There are several different types of bird deterrents, each with their own benefits or drawbacks. Bird deterrents are a great way to repel birds from your porch in a safe way that does not have a negative impact on birds or the environment.

Birds who run into any bird repellents will simply leave, and find somewhere else to nest or land that is more suitable for their needs.

Why Stop Birds from Nesting On Your Front Porch

One of the frequent questions about bird repellent is why you would want to stop birds from nesting on your porch in the first place. Nesting birds are harmless when they are in trees, but they can be an inconvenience or problem when they nest anywhere that’s in your way.

Some birds can nest in very uncomfortable places when they do. To avoid disturbing a nest when birds have put it up, most people choose to just to put up something that scares birds away (and stops them from nesting in the first place).

There are many other reasons why people might choose to have bird repellents or “scarecrows” in their yard or garden. Pet owners might not want to take the risk of their pets going on a hunt. Other times, people just don’t want to be in the way of a bird’s nest too close to their porch.

Common bird species can become a pest, whether it’s a flock of pigeons or seagulls that choose to descend on your front porch. Birds are great to look at from a distance, but most people don’t appreciate close encounters with nature that needs an hour of cleaning up every second day.

If you are in an area that has a lot of bird life, it’s likely that you might think it’s a good idea to put up bird repellent.

The use of bird deterrents can stop birds from turning your property into a mess, and it can discourage nesting and other bird behavior without any harm to the birds or their environment.

Common Bird Deterrents

The most common types of bird deterrents on the market use disturbance of various types to discourage birds from landing or nesting where it has been placed.

Bird repellent use techniques like light, movement and noise to deter birds.

It’s much like the older use of “scarecrows” to keep birds away from crops, though modern types of bird deterrents work much better (and they aren’t nearly as creepy)..

When birds see something that is reflective or moving in a way they aren’t used to, they think: Heck no! It’s easier for them to go somewhere else to nest or land where they won’t encounter this hazard.

Bird deterrents are completely harmless to birds.

When birds encounter any kind of imagined hazard or something that will make nesting uncomfortable or impractical for them, they simply fly away and find somewhere else to make their next nest. Wit the right bird deterrent in place, this doesn’t have to be your front porch anymore.

If you want to buy the best product to keep birds off your porch, the next part of this article will show you the top 5 bird deterrents on Amazon. All of these bird deterrents work well for the most common bird types you might want to scare away from your porch, including pigeons, sparrows or the common woodpecker.

The Top 5 Bird Deterrents on Amazon

Hedoc Owl Decoy with Rotating Head

The Hedoc Owl Decoy with Rotating Head is the #1 best-selling product in the ‘bird repellent’ and ‘bird deterrent’ categories on Amazon. This is great for the traditional scarecrow effect, and the “owl decoy” makes birds think that there is a strange, larger bird already nesting in the same spot.

More than 442 four-star reviews call this one of the most effective bird repellents you can buy. Using noise and movement to mimic a real owl, most birds will turn around right there and decide to go somewhere else.

It can be one of the best ways to deter the most common bird species from nesting or landing on your porch – or in a tree that’s in the way.

The Hedoc Owl Decoy with Rotating Head is available for about $23 with immediate shipping.

Mageloly Bird Scare Pinwheels

The Mageloly Bird Scare Pinwheel is the #2 rated product on Amazon in the ‘bird repellent’ and ‘bird deterrent’ categories. Each pack of Pinwheels contains 10 and gives you a wider, more effective spread to keep birds away from nesting on your porch.

Bird Scare Pinwheels cause no harm to birds at all, and just rotate together with the wind to cause a startling effect birds don’t like very much. Most birds will just up and leave when they see the pinwheel moving – and that’s exactly what most people prefer.

It’s rated as a top product for woodpeckers, though will work just as well for other common bird species like pigeons or seagulls.

Most of its four-star reviews call it a great way to keep most common bird types from nesting or landing where owners don’t want them to be.

A 10-pack of bird-scaring pinwheels will cost approximately $10.49.

Kungfu Mall 4Pcs Bird Scare Decoration

The Kungfu Mall Bird Scare Decoration ranks as the #3 bird scaring product on Amazon, and it’s effective for scaring most types of common pest bird species away from your home, window or porch.

Each pack contains four, and it makes use of light and reflection to scare birds away.

It’s much like the pinwheel, but might be more practical for home owners to put up near their porch or windows.

Like most decent bird repellents, this method of keeping birds away from your home brings no harm to the birds or the environment. When they encounter this as an obstacle in their way, they simply fly somewhere else where they don’t see these.

Reviews call this a reliable, safe way to keep common bird types away from porches and gardens.

Buzzlet Transparent Bird Defender Spikes

The Buzzlet Transparent Bird Defender Spikes are available in packs of 20, and great for stopping birds from landing anywhere they have become a problem.

These bird defender “spikes” sound like a militant option, but again, this method brings no actual harm to birds – and these “spikes” are just small nubs that will make it uncomfortable for them to selttle. This bird deterrent can be placed anywhere in the form of strips: just put them where you don’t want birds to be.

These are advertised as ideal for both birds and squirrels, though might work for other small animals too anywhere you
would like to create a small barrier.

While they might not be ideal as an anti-nest solution for birds, they are great anywhere you don’t want birds to land (or squirrels and other small animals to pass through).One more thing to mention, these 20-packs of bird deterrent strips are great because they stop birds without the use of any noise.

Around 370 reviews call this a great product to buy.

De-Bird Scare Tape

De-Bird Scare Tape is the fifth-ranked product for Amazon’s bird repellents, and might be one of the most simple solutions for anywhere you don’t want birds to nest or land. This is a great solution for how to scare birds away from your porch, windows or house – and all you have to do to use it is glue the de-bird scare tape strips where you need them to be.

De-Bird Scare Tape sells in 125 feet rolls for $12.95. For that price, you can practically de-bird your entire house – and you’ll have some tape left over when you’re done!

While it’s advertised as an ideal solution for woodpeckers, it’s also a great, affordable bird repellent for other common bird types like pigeons.

More than 6, 000 good reviews back this product as one of the best anti-bird solutions you can buy.

The Angry Bird FAQ: How To Keep Birds Away From Your Porch

Why should I keep birds away from my porch?

Birds are friendly, but they can become a problem or nuisance anywhere they land, mess or nest.

How do I keep birds away from my porch?

The answer is simple: buy a good bird repellent, and put this up where you don’t want birds to be.

What can happen if birds nest on my porch?

If birds nest on your porch, it might be somewhere the nest is in your way. Many people choose bird repellent so they don’t have to bother the birds in the process of nesting.

Is bird deterrent harmful?

No! Most types of bird deterrents will just discourage birds from nesting somewhere, and they will just pick another spot further away.


If you don’t want your front or back porch to look like a scene from Hitchcock’s “Birds”, the solution might be to put up some bird deterrent or repellent near your porch or house.

Birds are great, but many people don’t like the noise or disturbance that comes with some of the most common bird species.

Why don’t you buy bird repellent?