The best front porch designs

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Looking for the best front porch designs? You have come to the right place.

The front porch is the main feature to most homes and some apartments.In many ways, the front porch or patio is the first impression that people see when they visit or pass by.

Front porch design ideas don’t have to cost a fortune, and they don’t have to be difficult to put into action. A great front porch, whether open or closed, can look great with just a few small design changes.

The porch can look like a million dollars, even if you only have a few hundred to spend. Porch designs can be basic, but they can also be a little more elaborate if your budget allows for a larger spend.

No, you don’t have to be a professional designer to have a front porch or patio that looks great. Just apply some of the great ideas you’ll find in this article, and you’ll be on the way to having one of the best front porches in the entire street.

We’ll walk you through some of the best front porch design ideas you can create, regardless of what your budget might be. A front that everyone can enjoy does not have to cost you a fortune, but can fit to your space, budget and specifications at the time.

Here’s your ultimate guide to front porch design ideas, and how to turn even the most basic front porch into a star design.

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Front Porch Designs – The basics

The first thing that you should do if you want to build a front porch is a proper foundation.

The next important thing for putting up a front porch is the structure. There are various methods, but a well-constructed deck that’s on top of a solid foundation is all you need. Many home owners choose to get a professional building contractor for the job, rather than attempt DIY construction of their own porch.

You are welcome to do either, though DIY should be only be your approach if you trust what you are doing and can ensure its structural safety!

If your home already has the perfect front porch or patio area to work with, then you can go straight to decorating and design.

Front porch design does not have to be complicated (or high-budget) to have a great effect. We’ll go through some of the basics of great porch design next.

The Basics of Porch Designs

Front and back porch design begins with a proper assessment of your space.

What do you have to work with?

You will have to answer this question before you can proceed with any of the ideas suggested in this article.

Take a few steps back, and have a look at your porch.

Take note of the amount of visible floor space. If you have less space to work with, many porches benefit from shelving or hanging gardens instead of pots. More space can inspire some larger, bolder porch design ideas like a hammock, swing or outside-friendly dining set.

Is your porch open or closed up? It can affect what you’re going to do with it next.

An open porch might get more direct sun, and you will have to adapt your designs to make room for it. (For example, don’t be blinded by sun in the wrong spot, but plan for when it will rise and set.)

Closed porches can be used as a comforting, quiet space that can be used to relax.

If you aren’t using your porch to its full potential, it could be time to try some of the design ideas suggested in our article! Planning takes a lot of the sting out of making the best out of your porch.

We’ll show you that porch design can be simple and affordable, whilst looking great.

Professional Front Porch Ideas

Do you need a professional for your porch design project? Sometimes, the answer is yes, but this does not always have to be the case.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, many of the porch design ideas in this article are easy to do for yourself. If you want to hire a professional to help you design your porch, you can still pick and choose some of your suggestions from our article.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best porch and patio design ideas.

The Best Front Porch Design Ideas

Hanging Gardens

There are many plants which grow happily in suspended pots, some of which even hang over the side to produce an aesthetic effect.

If your front porch is pressed for space, hanging gardens can extend what you’ve got to work with.

Flowers, like peonies or hydrangease, and many herbs like basil are easy to grow in hanging pots – or regular pots, if you like.

The right plants are not only fragrant, but bring some nature to your front porch.

Easy Hammocks

Hammocks are great for relaxation, and modern types are no longer difficult or expensive to install. If you have supports on either side of your porch that can take the weight, certain hammocks can be hung between these supports.

If your porch does not have this support, free-standing hammocks are easy to get.

Don’t imagine that regular old seats are the only answer to being comfortable on the porch!

Gas Heating

Gas-powered heaters are easy to install, and bring the addition of some heat to colder porch spaces.

If you would like to enjoy the view in winter or colder weather, simple gas heaters or fireplaces can be the answer – and they can be used safely on most porches.

Heaters also provide some light, and they can add a wonderful atmosphere to any porch.

Potted Porch Plants

Plants can bring some life to any porch, and they are one of the cheapest practical porch design ideas you can implement.

Most plants are affordable, and their majority can even be grown from seeds for cheaper than you can find seedlings if you lack the budget (but have the time).

With enough space, just a couple of the right plants can transform your porch into a whole new world.

Make sure that your pots have appropriate drainage, and ensure that soil is moist – but never wet enough to cause problems. Proper drainage can also stop you from getting a wet porch when you water.

Add Topiaries

Topiaries sound like complicated work to most gardeners, but you could be very surprised to find out that it’s easy with the right plants.

Bushy, close-leafed perennial plants are best for creating topiaries. This can even be done in pots, which is the perfect choice for a patio or porch.

The trick to a great topiary is to trim the outside growth over time, until the topiary assumes the natural shape you are after. Slow and deliberate trimming can turn any hedge-plant into almost anything you want.

More instruction for an easy topiary can be found on YouTube. It’s a skill that any eager designer can learn.

A Herbal Touch

Gardens can never have enough herbs, say some avid gardeners. The same can be true for your porch.

If you appreciate the fragrances herbs can add or you have some herbs that you use in your garden often, begin a small herb garden.

With limited space, start your herb garden on shelves or go back to the first idea and plant your herbs in hanging gardens.

Most herbs, including thyme and basil, grow without a lot of work. Water often, and enjoy fresh herbs right on your front porch.

Growing Climbers

If you don’t like to look at a wall of empty space on your porch, growing climbers are an excellent way to cover up walls – or to grow alongside a trellis.

Plants such as English ivy can provide thorough coverage, and they are particularly quick growers. Most ivy plants don’t require a lot of work or watering to flourish.

Remember to train any climber plants to where you need them to grow.

Thematic Designs

If you would like your front porch to remind you of a specific area or location, consider a thematic design for your whole porch.

Porch design can sometimes be based around a specific design element or feel. If you decide on a thematic design, do some research on keywords that are related to your theme.

Thematic porches benefit from the use of the right color scheme, the best plants, and can even sometimes borrow from popular art that matches your theme.

Open Front Porches

If you have an open front porch, use the space to your full advantage.

An open front porch looks best with plants that enjoy fuller sun, and an open front porch might require at least some thinking about your furniture choices.

If you don’t like to see an open front porch at all (but have one now), shade netting can help to remove some harshness if you are in full light.

Closed Front Porches

If you have a closed front porch instead of an open one, use the space to your full advantage.

Closed front porches can benefit first from light. Gas or LED lights are sometimes sufficient to brighten up a darker closed porch at night.

A closed porch can still be used for potted plants, though keep in mind that some plants might have to be moved for them to get the right amounts of sun.

The Right Front Porch Furniture

Most porches could use some furniture, though you have to consider which type of porch you have.

Open porches might get rain, and benefit from wire or plastic furniture more than anything else.

If you have a closed porch on the other hand, feel free to select different furniture that does not need to be kept out of rain.

Eco Water Features

Water features and small fountains are not just for the garden, but can also be a great front porch design idea to liven up your home.

Fountains can provide some tranquility, and water features of today are made to be eco-friendly.

If your front porch seems just a little more quiet than you prefer it, consider installing a water feature or fountain right on your porch.

Crystal Gardens

Crystal gardens are right back in fashion. If you have some crystals that you would like to show off, they can be the perfect addition to a feature on your porch.

Crystals also have a practical function. Mixed with the right indoor plants, crystals can be the perfect hiding place for lizards and other night-time sights that are signs of a healthy ecology around the house.

Growing Edibles

The selection of plants on your front porch don’t have to stop at herbs, but can also include some edible plants.

Many fruits grow happily when placed in pots: strawberries and most other berry types are a great first suggestion.

If you would like to bring some of your garden into the kitchen, use at least some of the space available on your front porch to grow edibles.


Speakers are not the first idea people imagine when they think of porch design ideas, but why not? Technology is there to be used!

Great, simple speaker systems can be picked up for cheap and placed in the right area for some ambient sound. Some systems can even be installed outside, and are completely waterproof.

Play your favorite music when out on your front porch, or cue a night-time soundtrack that helps you to unwind.

Enjoy your front porch to its full potential!

Conclusion: The Best Front Porch & Patio Designs

The best front porch and patio design ideas don’t always need a massive budget, or a team of professional designers.

With just some consideration for the space you have to work with, any porch can be made perfect for comfort.

Porches and patios are an extension of our most personal living space, and it’s where you want to go to relax or get some air.

Do more with your porch and get to trying some of our front porch design ideas!